In 2016, Harco and Semco Instruments merged into a dynamic new company. HarcoSemco’s mission is to provide knowledge, services and products that afford our clients a customizable experience and outcome, second to none.

Together we have seen great success in innovating advanced manufacturing techniques in the design and fabrication of temperature sensors, thermocouple systems, interconnect cable-harness assemblies, probes and sensors. We have been supplying the commercial, business, military jet, rotor and spacecraft markets for over 65 years.

about-image The combination of these two leading brands benefits our clients and partners in numerous ways. It helps expedite the process of a project by providing a more streamlined source of services and products that stem from one strong unit. Furthermore, it widens the breadth of knowledge that we provide, by drawing from even more extensive expertise, based on combining years of individually successful experience. With our Engineer 2 Engineer mentality, you can rest assured that we speak your language – with the final result embodying that concept. We treat every project as a completely distinctive undertaking, making us, as our tagline says, Empowered 2 Be Better.

The HarcoSemco Difference

In the world of aerospace engineering we know there are a multitude of manufacturers to choose from. Not many have more than 65 years of experience and are dedicated to ensuring that your program is successful. That’s what makes us stand out.

Quality, outstanding customer service and on-time delivery aren’t just an expectation with us, they are the pillars that uphold our reputation as a cutting-edge supplier. Our custom application engineered products are created by teams of driven engineers, with projects being expertly managed to maximize efficiency to ensure we meet aggressive timelines.

At HarcoSemco, we are Empowered 2 Be Better because we empower our employees to better themselves and enable our customers to be the frontrunners in their respective fields. We do this by working directly with you. We encourage regular engineer 2 engineer communication to facilitate the best analysis of the application so we can determine the best solutions.

Our company draws upon years of engineering expertise and our sales team members are engineers as well. They speak your language to ensure that we communicate efficiently and effectively. We are committed to exceeding your expectations at every stage.

HarcoSemco has the capability and experience of working with a variety of custom products that include:

Each product is customized to meet your specifications. We also provide MRO services via our FAA and EASA certified repair stations that meet OEM specifications and aggressive turnaround times.

We offer our customers a truly exceptional, harmonious body of people who are totally committed, with an unwavering desire to innovate, and total dedication and devotion to their work. At HarcoSemco, we are Empowered 2 Be Better so that you can be better, too. We look forward to working with you.

DNV Certificate 2021-2024
EASA Certificate 2024
FAA Air Agency Certificate