In the world of aerospace engineering, there are a multitude of manufacturers to choose from. Not many have more than 65 years of experience and are dedicated to ensuring that your program is successful. That’s what makes HarcoSemco stand out. Quality, outstanding customer service and on-time delivery aren’t just an expectation, they’re the pillars that uphold our reputation as a cutting-edge supplier.

Our custom application engineered products are created by teams of driven engineers, with projects being expertly managed to maximize efficiency to meet aggressive timelines. At HarcoSemco, we are Empowered 2 Be Better. We empower our employees to better themselves and enable our customers to be the frontrunners in their respected industries. We do this by working directly with you. We have regular engineer-to-engineer communication to analyze the application and determine the best solutions. Our company draws upon years of engineering expertise and our sales team members are engineers as well. They speak your language to ensure that we are on the same page. We are dedicated to meeting your requirements and exceeding your expectations.

As an aerospace supplier of commercial, business, military, spacecraft and helicopter components, HarcoSemco is prepared to tackle your project with a variety of custom products that include:

Each product is customized to meet your specifications. We provide you what you need when you need it thanks to our extensive manufacturing and design sites throughout NA. We also provide MRO services via our FAA and EASA certified repair stations that meet original equipment manufacturer specifications and aggressive turnaround times.

At HarcoSemco, we are Empowered 2 Be Better so that you can be better, too.