Aerospace Power Plant – Case Study


The client is a global aerospace powerplant manufacturer. Established in the early 1900s, this company’s main mission is to design, manufacture and distribute power systems for aviation use.


This multinational company received a new engine and airframe opportunity requiring electrical and TC signals utilizing the latest technology. However, the customer SOW and material selection did not meet temperature requirements. The company had no high temperature harness design experience. They required thermocouple and electrical signals that could deal with valve positioning, engine temperatures and moisture ingress protection.


The client was facing a series of unique problems, but the main issue was that they needed designs that could meet the new engine requirements and airframes. This required thermocouples and electrical signals that could operate in extremely high temperatures, designs that could manage moisture ingress and a product that weighed the required amount – all while being delivered by the requested deadline. The client lacked the required experience for the job and needed to find a partner to help meet the design needs and deliver the product in a timely manner. That partner was HarcoSemco.


To solve these problems and meet these demands, HarcoSemco developed a new process for wire termination, enabling moisture ingress protection at extremely high temperatures. We chose to use a new process to exceed the application requirements and ensure responsiveness.


With HarcoSemco, the client received designs that could achieve burst duct temperature of 520 C° and thermocouples that were actually less than the weight requirement. Our designs also eliminated false readings that would commonly occur on engine start due to moisture ingress. In the end, the client received a solid design that met qualifications – and the product was delivered within budget and on the target delivery date.